Sunna, Prinzessin von Wißenthen is the younger daughter of Ada von Wißenthen and the younger sister of Rena, Prinzessin von Wißenthen.

She is usually characterized as very, very shy, but she tries to overcome it by approaching intimidating people.


She attended the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia, where she got to know Naya, her best friend.


Very, very shy. Loves gardening.

Personal Relations

Bodo, Prinz von Bucktend

It is clear to anyone watching, that Sunna is crushing on Bodo, hard, despite him being seven years younger then her.

Rena, Prinzessin von Wißenthen and Nela, Prinzessin von Zieselhaven und Elms

To her sister and her best friend, Sunna has a good and firm relationship,

Her Mother

Naya, Prinzessin von Bucktend

Naya and Sunna are close friends, very close friends since their days on the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia.

Despite Naya's little brother being Sunna's crush, the two get along very well.

Vin Erenback

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