Sykane Mining Company

The Sykane Mining Company is a mining and refining conglomerate operating in Teressien and abroad, still under family-ownership, currently headed by Gerulf von Sykane. The origins of the Company go back to the 14th century and Alrich, Ritter Sykane. Most of the operations of Sykane Mining are carried out along the Feuerbergkette.


19th century

Contrary to popular belief, the naturalist Alexander von Sykane never had any place in the company's structure except shareholder.

Current Situation

Sykane Mining had 7,043 employees in 2019 and a total revenue of 1.1 billion NSD. Main products of the company are silver, gold, copper, uranium, tin, tungsten and zinc. Sykane Mining also operates two iron pits, near Eyssenstad, and mines rare earths, in particular Lithium, offshore near Schwarzsteyn.

The last coal mine was closed in 2006. It was an open-pit mine near Bad Hektling, which is currently in the process of being transformed into an artificial lake.

Sykane Mining operates four smelteries and a steel mill near the iron pits, the products of which are mostly sold to HMW for their car bodyworks.

Metal Recycling

While Sykane Mining started with metal recycling around the time the company built its first steel mill, the entire business never really took off until around 1890 to 1900, when the demand for new steel rose rapidly and Sykane Mining began to buy up scrap metal from scrap vendors in order to satisfy the need.

List of Active Mines

Name of Mine Location Product Operating since Notes
Silbermine Eldin II Eldin Volcano Silver 1923
Silbermine Gyorg I Gyorg Volcano Silver, Uranium Main product is silver, but in recent years, Uranite has been unearthed as a biproduct
Goldmine Kagarok I Kagarok Volcano Gold
Uranmine Fisole I Lanajra Volcano Uranium Biproducts include, but are not limited to 
Kupfermine Mühlbach IX Mühlbach Copper 1788 Operation ended, mine still maintained as a museum
Kupfertagebau Adabei I Near Adabei Copper Porphyry Copper Deposit
Kupfertagebau Bahöl Near Bahöl Copper Porphyry Copper Deposit
Seeminenstation Kipferl I Near Kipferl Tin Placer deposit
Seeminenstation Kipferl II Near Kipferl Tin Placer deposit
Lichtfadenbergwerk Near Apern Tungsten Scheelite Deposit
Zinkbergwerk Beisl I Near Beisl Zinc Sphalerite Deposit
Zinkbergwerk Beisl II Near Beisl Zinc Sphalerite Deposit
Nickelbergwerk Masel I Near Masel Nickel Pentlandite Deposit
Unterseeminenstation Sykane-Schwarzsteyn I and II Offshore near Schwarzsteyn Lithium 2010 Under heavy scrutiny due to environmental impact
Bleibergwerk Plache I Near Plache Lead Galena Deposit
Bleibergwerk Plache II Near Plache Lead Galena Deposit
Eisenbergwerk Erzberg II Near Erzberg Iron Magnetite Deposit
Eisenbergwerk Erzberg I Near Erzberg Iron Magnetite Deposit, production dwindling down

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