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The Tabar Boys' Academy, TBA for short, is one of the Old Academies, a learning institute for boys and young men sponsored by the Ilkhana of Utica. It's campus is the Airtafae Campus, or Rose Campus. Its counterpart is the HGA.


- founded 1018

- originally founded as a sort-of officer's academy

-1243: Move to Utica

- 1685: Old Academy burns down, HGA and TBA are separated

Famous Alumni and Students

Young man in the TBA's School Uniform.

The Airtafae Campus

After School Activities

The Big Band

Similar to the sign of gratitude of the Tribute to the Ilkhana of Utica, the TBA posts its own sign of gratitude, namely the Big Band,

Horseman Squadrons

The greatest pride and joy, however, are the Horseman Squadrons. Teams competing in Mounted Falconry, Horsearchery, Axeriding and other mounted sports, they are

From 2017 onwards, they were called upon to escort visitors of state.

For the 2020/2021 Season, Damir Afata was the Captain of the Squadrons.