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Tara Harir is a Kyrenaian Handmaiden, employed by Prince Damir ibn-Razia, and both his confidant and secretary.


- 2019: State Visit of Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Aurelia bint-Damir to Lux Pulchrae.

- 2020: State Visit of Prince Damir to the Empire of Astares Amauricanum.


Personal Relations

Prince Damir ibn-Razia

As a young woman, Tara had a crush on Prince Damir and Prince Ilia, but that quickly went away with ongoing puberty.

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and Sarina Eahira

To Aurelia and Sarina, she is a sort-of aunt-figure, both of them being considerably younger then her, but not so much, that she could pass as a mother-figure. That is something, she would not want anyway, mainly because she knows Marla Taistealaí of the Tribe of Louth and sees her, despite her being already gone, as a sacrosanct person, who she would never be able to reach or to replace.

Especially not in Aurelia's Heart, so she aims to be an aunt-figure to Aurelia and Sarina.