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Tariqa bint-Ilia, known as Triqa-Ilkhana and Jida, is the Dowager-Ilkhana of the Ilkhanate of Utica and mother to the current Ilkhana and Sultana of Kyrenaia, Razia-Sultana.


- Born in 1920, daughter of Khan Ilia of Sheliak (the Great-Grandfather of Khana Amina bint-Karim), attended the HGA, served as Handmaiden of the Tribute

- Attended Sultan Kian's Coronation Fleet Review.

- 1938: Wins the Lioness' Trophy for the first time, 1939 and 1940 follow

- Marries Prince Tarek of Utica in 1943

- Widowed 1971


Strict and quick with the sword, playful when without, even in her old age, those were the

Her spirit was often described as indomitable, especially by her enemies.

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