Equipment of the Imperial Navy
Battleships: Eyckenbaum-class Battleship, Imperatrix Gundel class Battleship, Bucks-class Fast Battleship
Battlecruisers/"The heavy cavalry of the Fleet": Feuerreiter-class Battlecruiser, Tauläufer-class Battlecruiser, Furtenland-class Battlecruiser
Aircraft Carriers: Waldschatten-class Aircraft Carrier (under construction), Early Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Navy


Cruisers/"The light cavalry of the Fleet": Prinzessin-class Cruiser, Stadt-class Scout Cruiser,
Destroyers: Zerstörer 1925 (Z-151 to Z-210, 60 units), Einheitszerstörer a.k.a. Zerstörer 1918 (Z-121 to Z-150, 30 units) and Zerstörer 1915 (Z-113 to Z-130, 18 units), Zerstörer 1910 (42 units, Z-71 to Z-100 decommissioned, Z-101 to Z-112 in service)
Frigates/Flottenbegleiter: Flottenbegleiter 1928
Torpedo Boats: Torpedoboot 1922

Supply and Support Vessels

Mine Warfare Vessels:
Replenishment Oilers:
Hospital Ships:
Depot Ships:
Ammunition Ships:
Other: SIM Kloster Garremach (training ship, under construction), Unterstützungsboot 1917 (support boat)

Other Equipment

Battleship Artillery: Modell 24 Fd. 25 Gun (45.5 cm gun), Modell 22 Fd. 22 Gun (40 cm gun)
Fd. 19.5 Guns (35.5 cm guns): Modell 18 Fd. 19.5 Gun, Modell 28 Fd. 19.5 Gun
Cruiser Artillery: Modell 25 Fd. 8.25 Gun (15 cm gun)
Fd. 11 Guns (20 cm guns): Modell 10 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 15 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 21 Fd. 11 Gun, Modell 28 Fd. 11 Gun
Destroyer Artillery:
Fd. 5.5 Guns (10 cm guns): Modell 11 Fd. 5.5 Gun, Modell 18 Fd. 5.5 Gun, Modell 26 Fd. 5.5 Gun (dual purpose mount)
For destroyers with delusions of grandeur: Modell 25 Fd. 8.25 Gun
Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Modell 31 Fd. 2 Gun (36 mm AA-gun, in development), Modell 20 Fd. 1.4 Gun (2.55 cm AA-gun), Modell 26 Fd. 5.5 Gun (10 cm gun, dual purpose mount)
Torpedoes: Fd. 24.7 Aerial Torpedo (450 mm torpedo), Fd. 33.5 Torpedo (610 mm torpedo)
Rockets: Rockets of the Imperial Navy
Mines: Naval mines of the Imperial Navy
Aircraft: List of Aircraft in service with the Imperial Armed Forces
Radar: In development
Sonar: Present and accounted for

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