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Equipment of SDF-Army in 1940
:Service Rifles: Gabha R-15, Shedadh S-4 Repeating Carbine,
Machine Guns: Gabha R-22
Submachine Guns: Pistol, Automatic, Model 1923
Special Weapons: Rifle, Armour-Breaking, Model 1935
Sidearm: PSAM 1910
Ammunition: 8x57mm Gabha

Heavy Artillery: Field Gun, 150mm, Model 1928
Light Artillery: Field Gun, 105mm, Model 1922, Field Gun, 76mm, Model 1930, Field Gun, 105mm, Model 1935
Anti-Tank Weapons: Gabha G-18 47mm Anti-Tank Gun
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: Ceantar C-44 40mm AA Gun, Gabha G-36 20mm Gun, Gabha G-91 135mm Gun (heavy anti-aircraft weapon)
Rockets: Rocket Barrage Anti-Aircraft System

Tanks: Ruathar Fast Tank, Dobhareach Amphibious Tracked Vehicle (being introduced)
Half-Tracks: G 1 Caomnach (to be introduced in 1941), G 2 Cuachanach (being introduced)
Armoured Cars: Eireafada Armoured Car
Armoured Utility Vehicles: Colúr-Tankette
Unarmoured Utility Vehicles: FFR-Vehicles of the SDF

Fighters: Shane Airworks Piongain (being phased out), Sciathán Léachtóir
Fighter-Bombers: Sciathán Sánnagh
Heavy Fighters: Sciathán Iolar
Bombers: M-22 Faoilean Medium Bomber
Torpedo Bombers (used as light bombers): LAF-3 (being phased out), Monarcha M-16 Giodróg Torpedo Bomber
Attack Aircraft: Ironcastle Airworks Iarrean, Ironcastle Airworks Sleanna
Reconnaissance and Maritime Patrol Aircraft: Shane Airworks Snámhán, Monarcha M-29 Prásóg
Transport Planes: Shane Airworks Lódálaí

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