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Equipment of SDF-Navy in 1940
Light Cruisers: Rhiannon-class Light Cruiser, Cailleach-class Light Cruiser
Frigates: Initial Equipment of the SDF-Navy
Sloops: Miodóg-class Sloop
Torpedo Boats: Grey Wolf class Torpedo Boat, Reathaí-class Torpedo Boat
Aircraft Carrying Vessels: SDFS Faoileán (Seaplane Tender)
Submarines: F-1-class Submarine, F-5-class Submarine, F-10-class Submarine

Amphibious Operations Vessels

Attack Transport: Chromán-class Attack Transport
Vehicle Landing Ships: Crogall-class Vehicle Landing Ship

Supply and Support Vessels

Mine Warfare Vessels: Trádghaoth-class Mine Warfare Vessel
Tenders: Leaba-class Destroyer Tender,
Replenishment Oilers:
Hospital Ships:
Other: Survey Vessel SDFAS Dreaga, Type 6 Motorboat

Fighters: Shane Airworks Piongain, Sciathán Léachtóir
Fighter-Bombers: Sciathán Sánnagh
Heavy Fighters: Sciathán Iolar
Bombers: M-22 Faoilean Medium Bomber
Torpedo Bombers: LAF-3M-16 Giodróg
Attack Aircraft: Ironcastle Airworks Iarrean, Ironcastle Airworks Sleanna
Reconnaissance and Maritime Patrol Aircraft: Shane Airworks Débheathach, Monarcha M-29 Prásóg, Shane Airworks Snámhán
Transport Planes: Shane Airworks Lódálaí

Other Equipment

Artillery: Gabha G-91 135mm Gun, Gabha G-23 76mm gun
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: Ceantar C-44 40mm AA Gun, Gabha G-36 20mm Gun, Gabha R-22 Machine Gun
Torpedoes: 533mm torpedoes, 450 mm aerial torpedoes (700 kg)
Rockets: Rocket Barrage Anti-Aircraft System
Mines: Present and Accounted for
Radar: In Development
Sonar: Present and accounted for

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List of Kanmusu of the SDF-Navy