Teressian Beer

Teressian Beer is a staple in the cuisine of Teressien and an important economic factor in some regions. Although more of a hidden tip abroad, the 321 breweries of the country cover the majority of the demand in the country (a few brands, especially in the ways of craft beers, are imported).

Beer is, together with Wine, the most important alcoholic drink and celebrated in large Beer Festivals towards the end of April and the beginning of May.



In 2018, there were 321 breweries, twelve of which produce more then half a million hectolitres (or 50,000,000 litres) and thus are called major breweries. The remaining 309 breweries serve mostly the local supply, within their immediate region, although some also 'export' to the surrounding regions.

In 2018, there were 10.9 million hectolitres of beer produced in Teressien, with 1 million being exported and 0.75 million hectolitres being imported.

The more agrarian Herzogtümer and Baronate of Teressien, like Dorch, Entenhausen and Bucktend, are known for their beers, but Barschenberg and the Wißenthenland are famous for their light lagers, the Blieferlner.

Kinds of Beer

Teressian Beers usually use bottom-fermenting yeast.

Teressian Lager

Teressian Lager is a dark beer kept in storage for a long time, usually brewed in the winter and then shelved in ice basements, cold subterran structures and the older variant of the freezer. Main ingredient is roasted malt, the flavour usually described as bitter-sweet.

Originally, it was made in winter because the fire hazard during the warm fermentation was smaller, but nowadays, Teressian Lager is produced by cool fermentation anyway.

Teressian March Beer

Teressian March Beer, known locally as Miarzer, is a type of Lager brewed in March. Originally known as Aoswoater or Spring Beer, it was brewed in March and April and mostly so due to its long shelf life. Known as a light-coloured sweet beer, the Teressian March Beer is one of the two most popular beers in Teressien.

As its light yellow colour indicates, the Miarzer uses less malt then darker beers.

Teressian Summer Beer

Teressian Summer Beer, also known as Kabanenbier (after the Kabane, a summer holiday house or apartment),


Blieferlner, in English tinglers, are a type of beer, which are very low in malt. Sometimes not described as a classical beer, it is known as a Blieferlner due to the tingle it produces when going down the throat. Usually, half of the fermentable materials in a Blieferlner are malt. It has a relatively dry taste.

This type of beer is especially widespread in the Baronat am Barschenberg and the Wißenthenland.

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