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The Territory of Jalid is a Territory Immediate to the Sultanate and part of the Sultanate of Kyrenaia. The local populations, calling themselves Ihmiset, numbers around 3 million people in this very southern land (in fact, on the southern hemisphere).

For its inhabitants, see Jalidi.


Jalid, Lake Yksinäisyys.

Jalid is 1,105,312 km² large, mostly dominated by mountain ranges and deep, primeval forests. In these mountains, glaciers can be found, but they are from being an ice shield. Volcanic activity causes the odd earthquake, but due to well-distributed chambers, the Territory's Volcanoes are not rated as a supervolcano.


Jalid is characterized by subarctic climate, which makes it rather cold. Many large and primeval forests of conifers are predominately found there and while many of the harbours along the northern shores are ice-free all year around, the same can not be said about the southern shores, which reach into southern polar regions.

Due to being in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are swapped.


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Amongst the animals endemic to Jalid are the Jalid White Wolf and the Jalid Blue Eagle,


In 1682, the Lord of the Ihmiset submitted himself and his people to the Sultan of Kyrenaia - and emphasized, that they were now subjects of the Sultanate and not of any Ilkhanate. In return, the Sultan acknowledging this fact and granting the Lord of the Ihmiset the title of a Bey, a Lord, under the direct auspices of the Sultan.

Jalid Emergency (1952-1954)

The Jalid-Emergency from 1952 to 1954 was a short-lived insurgency.

During the Emergency, the RKN blockaded the Territory, letting no vessel in or out without a check, and the permission to sink ships resisting these checks.


Bey Keke and Beya Vilja Melko, the current rulers of Jalid.

During the reign of Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad, the Territories in general became more and more semi-independent, authority devolving to them. However, while many read in their crystal balls, that Jalid would soon petition for independence, but the contrary seems to be the case as the Ihmiset are currently preparing to petition the Sultana with the request to establish the Territory as a Khanate Immediate to the Sultanate, with Beyeha Okka Melko as the most likely candidate to start the Dynasty.

Capital, and seat of Government, is Peeoma.

Defense and Law Enforcement

Jalid is home to its own Constabulary, but also has a small fisheries protection service with six vessels.

The most well-known part of the Jalid Police are the Jalid Rangers, who's main missions are wildlife protection and preservation, as well as the prosecution of organized crime like drug trafficking. The Jalid Rangers also maintain a Police Special Forces unit, acting in matters of counter-terrorism and domestic security. The Current Head of the Jalid Rangers is Commander Vilja Johtaja.

Both the RKN and the RKA have troops stationed in Jalid, in the latter case by the ways of the 18th (1st Jalidian) Division with its three brigades and Division Troops.


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The most esteemed school in Jalid is the Opisto Lumihiutale in Peeoma, one of the Young Academies.