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The Ahuan Realm, or Ahua for short, is a country on Aranna. Formerly known as the Ahuan Empire, until 1893, the Realm was a major power on the continent, but over time lost a lot of territories and influence.

Nowadays, 1940, Ahua is gearing up to war to reestablish the old Imperial Splendor and Might and to reintegrate the lost lands. Under the leadership of Alarich Haudib, as Prime of the Realm, and his Ahuan Fascist Party, the Realm made a huge leap forward and is now a power on the continent. The capitol is Triggwas.


The Ahuan Empire (1493-1799)

Downfall of the Empire (1799-1896)

Revolution, Secession and Civil War (1896-1909)

The Realm (1909-1935)

Alarich Haudib (1935-present)


  • three major landscapes: Eastern Ahuan Lakeland, Fon Mountains, Western Hasa Plains



Important People

  • Alarich Haudib, Stadtholder of the Realm.
  • Odaker Nahtsam, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • General Odaker Fon, Minister of War and Commander of the Armed Forces.

Ahuan Fascism

  • authoritarian ultranationalism headed by a dictator, Alarich Haudib
  • strong regimentation of society and economy
  • Opposed to liberalism, Marxism and anarchism, though not aggressively: While the country will defend itself against these ideologies and their proponents, preemptive wars are not on the table (yet)
  • mixed economy
  • direct action emphasized -> support of political violence, both on the streets and internationally
    • Party Militia: Raudata
  • Sexuality and gender roles: Ban on pornography, women as child-bearers not part of the work force, prostitution legal, but socially deviant and abhorred
    • Homosexuality: In men abnormal behaviour, in women irrelevant as long as they bear children
  • aim: Regeneration of the Nation by incorporating lost territories and eliminating decadence.
  • Irredentism - Lost Territories:
    • Western Ahuan Lakeland (to Auwalt).
    • Aib.
    • Eastern Hasa Plains (to Hrohasa, Bargs and Rora).
    • Menyz.

Foreign Politics


The Military

See Main Article: Armed Forces of the Ahuan Realm.

In total, Ahua has the capability to have up to two million men and women under arms, or roughly 3.5 percent of the population. In peace time, that number is reduced to around 750,000 men and women, most of which belong to the land forces. While motorized and mechanized to some extend, the backbone of the Army is still the infantry.

In general, the Ahuan Naval Corps (75,000 officers and men strong) mostly exists in support of the remainder of the Army and is mostly focused on a Sea Denial Strategy against whichever opponent it might find itself against. The surface forces consist of fifteen large torpedo boats developed for coastal defense, one seaplane tender, and, in 1940, 150 submarines and 20 submarine cruisers. The twenty monitors of the Armed Forces belong to various Lake Flotillas. Dreams of a larger fleet are dreamed, but seen as unnecessary flights of fancy. The main bases of the Naval Forces are Gawi and Taujan.


Primary Sector

Secondary Sector

Tertiary Sector


  • 56.5 million citizens





Traditional Architecture

Ahuan Fascist Architecture

  • concrete



Fashion and Design