The Ancient Gathering is the name of a travelling report from 50 BCE, written by Sírlám the Scribe during that journey, later handed to High King Lugh and archived, occassionally copied, forgotten, thought lost, rediscovered and published. In it, he details the trip to and the happenings in Doravan during the visit of Princess Macha, Lugh's daughter.

The ongoings and proceedings are known as An Ancient Gathering, a roleplay between the Selkie and Kuruva.

History of Transmission

History behind the Story

People involved

Sírlám the Scribe gives us a very long and good list of people and backgrounds of the delegation travelling to Kuruva and the vessels they took, including a cargo manifest, which included rich presents for the King of Doravan, King Apollon, and a list of things Macha was authorized to agree to immediately and which she would have to carry to her father for approval.

It also describes the five vessels used in great detail, one of the most well combed sources for knowledge about shipbuilding during that time.

The Delegation send by High King Lugh comprised of around two dozen people, including 'auxilliary personell' as Princess Macha's handmaidens Tea and Aífe:

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