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The Continent of Aranna is a continent



The Great War (1940-?)

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The Annexation of Aib (1940)

Operation Reap Hook

Operation Reap Hook was the name of the large scale attack of the Ahuan Armed Forces on Hrohasa and Menyz in 1941, when the Great War started in earnest.

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Aranna is a large land mass surrounded by the ocean,



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List of Nations in Aranna

Arannan City States

  • Juva.
  • Ennia.
  • Bargs.
  • Rora.
  • Isarcanna.


Natural Resources

Aranna has many natural resources under its surface, sometimes in abundance, sometimes not.

Oil Shale is found and mined in Menyz, around the cities of Ceval and Iya. Petroleum is found in Aib, along the northern shore at Gumandag, with larger deposits presumed to rest off shore. Lake Sarei, shared between Ahua and Auwalt, is also home to important oil fields, which are mined by both sides with Gawi and Sawa as the respective centers. In 1936, the Ponteror of Dousatel mediated in a diplomatic confrontation between both sides, setting down strict quotas for either side. However, both Auwalt and Ahua rely on imports of oil.

Iron ore is unearthed in Teressien, especially around Eyssenstad, Eisentor and Sykane. In Citimere, large coal deposits along with large iron deposits enable a speedy and efficient milling into steel.

Coal deposits are found from Barschenberg and Clunia in Teressien, in the nearby city-states of Juva and Ennia and in neighbouring regions of Mandanda.

Aysa in Ahua is an important place for mining iron. Another important mining site for iron is Ungola in Mandanda.

Large desposits of coal are found and mined between Glaoar in Dousatel and Sityahult in Menyz, with Kohlerstad in Auwalt being a large center of coal mining. Deposits around Wolfsberg and Wißenthen are mined as well.

Feuersteyn in Teressien is known for its flint deposits, which are also used as building material and for ceramics in the area.

Large deposits of tin are mined between Zyng and Szinn.

Sykane Mining of Teressien is one of the largest mining companies on the continent.

Helium is, uniquely, mined in Northern Mandanda.



The Bergians

See Main Article: The Bergians.

The Bergians are a culture of Pastoral Nomads native to Aranna. While there is no reliable estimate for the global total population of the Bergians, it is estimated, that a total of 15 to 18 million people belonged to these people in the 1940s, a number mostly stable since then.

Bergians are known as hardy mountain people, which led to them being hired as mercenaries up until modern times, or, in times of slavery, being caught and used as slaves by various powers.

Usually unwilling to integrate into the cultures of the regions and countries they are at the time, the Bergians drew and draw a lot of suspicion and aversion, however in some regions, they are well-respected parts of living and the yearly cycle.

Bergians usually raise large herds of sheep, goats and cows, but some of their Clans have specialized in raising deer. Mixed herds are nothing unheard of.


There are several religions on the Continent: In Lutetii and Brucalla, the people mostly believe in the Great Guardian.

The other main religion, the Gwezbewa-Cult or Cult of the Tree of Life, is farspread over the entire continent. With its main temples in Santelker, Dousatel, the Cult is the main religion in Dousatel, Auwalt and Teressien, as well as in nations further to the North East. Ahua and Eastern Menyz are dominated by the Nekkyr-Cult, a water-cult. Aib and Hrohasa follow the Forest-Cults.

In Auwalt, the Gwezbewa-Cult stands at odds with the Imperial Cult, at least from the Gwezbewa-Cult's side.