The Crusade is the name assigned by Historians to the period between 1280 and 1325, when the Lands of the Selkie were target of a Crusade by Christian Powers.

Background - The Crusade Movement

Composition of the Crusading Forces


Estimates put the total amount of manpower at the beginning of the Crusade, during the Landing at Tipa in 1287, at around 12,000 men, 2,000 of which were horsemen and 1,500 of which were of noble descent.

In 1300, at the Battle of Cuan, the Crusader Army is said to have amounted to 13,000 infantrymen of different descriptions and 1,250 knights with a lot of smaller forces, estimated to be around a total of 20,000 soldiers scattered around the conquered territories to keep the peace and a further 5,000 soldiers engaged in the Siege of Bodmin.

In 1322, the Crusaders managed to pull together a force of 7,500 men and knights to try and break past Creetown, which had recently been taken back in a surprising attack.


The Lands of the Selkie

Selkie-Traders had a wide reach all over the world, with prominent branches being in Lillorainen.


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