The Festival of Holy Light is a tourism RP hosted by AHSCA, in which various people from around the world celebrate the change of the seasons.

The IC can be found here, the OOC here. In 2019, a nother festival took place, The Festival of Holy Light.



Aurelia and Marcella

On the day of the Festival, the Harira arrived in Aurora, Princess Aurelia steering and with her Sand Wolf Aldhiyb aboard. They carried both news from the Sultanate and from herself, especially herself, as Razia-Sultana had ordered her to break up with Marcella, a relationship existing since the State Visit in 2017. Both decide to fight for it.

The small sailing boat was escorted, as a security measure, by the Type 222 Nuclear Fleet Submarine G-1120, which remained outside of UIS Territorial Waters.

Aceus and the Mob

Other things

Important Kyrenaian Characters involved

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