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OOC: Aside from being the brainchild of the author Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent for her The High Kingdom Series of Novels, the Trossach-Confederation also serves as the Fantasy Canon for the Free Lands.

The High Kingdom of the Selkie is a mystical realm under the sea, off the north-western shores of the Lleoliadyanian Continent, inhabited by the Selkie, who dwell under the seas.


Reckogning of Time:



Law and Law Enforcement

Foreign Relations

In regards to the League of Cities

The High Kingdom and the League of Cities are close, diplomatically speaking, though not by desire, but by necessity: The High Kingdom needs the metal products to continue its industry, agriculture and mining, while the League needs the valuable trade goods from the Selkie, especially what they unearth under the sea. The Magical Industries of both sides also play an important part.

However, over the last decades, the High Kingdom slowly, but surely increased its influence on the port, harbour and trade cities they are closely associated with, most notably Seren.


The High Kingdom has a small standing core army, the Poblarfog (literally Weapon-Folk), the Guard of the High King and a number of levies from administrative districts and cities. The main focus of the latter is the defense of the Selkie-Cities against natural threats, for example sea monsters, while the Guard of the High King is solely established to protect the High King and his most immediate family.

The Poblarfog's main mission, on the other hand, is the outreaching arm of the High Kingdom,



Agriculture and farming

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Magical Industries