The Hunt is a RP hosted by Waldmark-Gnadenstein in 2018, attended by Princess Aurelia bint-Damir, accompanied by Aldhiyb, and Princess Fara bint-Dardan. The OOC can be found here, the IC here. Since 1st of February 2020, this RP is uncanonical.


Aurelia vs. Bear

Sometime during the actual hunting, Princess Aurelia was stalking prey by herself. As an experienced huntswoman herself, she mostly knew, what to do, but by some stroke of fate, she still made a mistake.

That mistake found her in mortal danger as a bear attacked her, with her dodging his first swipe only to fall onto her quiver - a shot from her bow, returning fire, prodced a broken twig angering the bear even more. As it looked dire for the Kyrenaian Princess, she lost bladder control, screamed - and heard a gunshot ringing out, the bear collapsing in a heap, dead.

The former Emperor of the Empire of the Scarlet Eagle, Peter Blachkov, and his three friends had saved her from death by bear.

(OOC: This is part of a later agreement between me and The Scarlet Eagle. Thank you for the wonderful cooperation!)

Involved Characters (Kyrenaia)

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