The Lancemaidens of Rhiannon are one of the six Orders established by the six Major Cults of the Selkie, in this case with their allegiance sworn to Rhiannon. Established to make the Cults a power factor in the 4th century, during the reign of the High King Áed the Hunter, the Lancemaidens proved to be quite a reliable force for the Cult.

Nowadays, the Lancemaidens are a militia much like the other five orders, as well as tasked with security pertaining the Cult of Rhiannon. Rhiannon's Beasts were, in many cases, part of their Order.


- founded in 328, by command of High Priestess Ava of Chorn - first unit: Cosantóirí Theampall an Chorn.

Notable Lancemaidens

Rhiannon's Beast

Actress Iouna Spól of the Tribe of Fermanagh in her role as Gwen Beapa of Monaghan's Descent, in the movie Áed's Muster.


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