The Order of the Klingenritter is  a sovereign subject of International Law, a chivalric military order of shamanistic nature. The Territories of the Order are estimated to be around 300,000 square kilometres large with around 19.6 million citizens, Ritterbürger, and around 7.5 million slaves.

The Order of the Klingenritter is only available in Past Tech, with the Focus on a period equivalent to the year 1450 of our calender. To them, the year is 1006 nA (nA meaning nach Ankunft, after arrival).



  • 0 nA/444 CE: Arrival in the Territories.
  • 810 nA/1254 CE: The Seevölker attack.
  • 816 nA/1260 CE: The Axe-Slaves of the Grauwald are freed.
  • 846 nA/1300 CE: The Seevölker are repelled.
  • 1006 nA/1450 CE: Today.


See: Territories of the Order.

The Territories of the Order span 



See List of animal species endemic to the Order's Territories.

The Order boasts a huge biodiversity, 



  • Hochmeister: Head of State and Government.
  • Großkomtur: Deputy of the Hochmeister, Minister of Finances.
  • Generalprokurator: Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Generalassistentin: Represents the Sisters.
  • Ordensmarschall: Minister of Defense.
  • Großspittler: Minister of Health and Education.
  • Großschäffer: Minister of Trade and Economy.

All of them, except for the Hochmeister, are named by the Hochmeister. The Hochmeister himself is elected by the Generalkapitel, the assembly of the representatives of all Landkomtureien ('federal states', in the widest sense) and municipalities.


See: Ordensheer, Ordensmarine.

The Ordensheer and the Ordensmarine are the two main components of the Armed Forces of the Order. In addition to those two, there are 26 Chapters of the Order, plus the city and town and village militias, the so called Komtureimilizen.

Foreign Relations


Primary Sector

Secondary Sector


See: List of Citizens of the Order.

There are around 19.6 million Ritterbürger, plus 7.5 million slaves of different descriptions. Ritterbürger are full citizens with all the rights and duties it entails, including taxes and military service.


See: Order-Shamanism.

The Culture of 


Arts and Architecture



The Schwarzfeld-Brothers, Levin and Arvid (from left), in formal clothing.

Fashion-wise, the Territories of the Order 
Klingenritter, formal clothing

Levin von Schwarzfeld and Naya vom Axtbaum in Courtly Dress.

Courtly Dress




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