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OOC-Note: This is another FT-Canon of the Free Lands (other then the Trossach-Confederation), this time working with the Goa'uld of Stargate. This can be interpreted as, in a huge part, Fanfiction. This is also the Selkie Snakehead Canon.

The Realm of Tlachtga is a small interstellar realm of the Goa'uld Tlachtga. It consists of a total of five systems with 24 planets (6 of which are inhabited, 2 of which have Stargates). Tlachtga and her local governors, Ernmas and Flidais, rule with iron fists and a sizable military apparatus.


Stellar Cartography

Mhí-System (7 planets)

-System (4 planets)

-System (5 planets)

Tarn-System (6 planets)

Ribble-System (2 planets)

  • Tarn Asteroid Belt



See Main Article: Tlachtga's Armies.

Unlike other Goa'uld, who primarily use Jaffa as warriors, Tlachtga's Armies primarily rely on human warriors called Laoghi, a standing professional force supported by levied Liostáili.

The fleet is manned by professional spacefarers. Unlike many of her fellow Goa'uld, Tlachtga has long since phased out the Ha'tak, Alkesh and Death Gliders and replaced them with her own designs (or rather of her chief inventor Belisama).


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The people of the Realm worship, of course, Tlachtga as their chief goddess, sorceress, druidess and mother-deity.

In minor roles, they also worship Ernmas, Flidais and Belisama.