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This is a Wikia dedicated to the NationStates Nations The Free Lands of the Selkie, The Sultanate of Kyrenaia and the all matters of things belonging to it! Wait a bit and there will be life in this Wikia!

To reiterate: This Wikia is incomplete. That includes a lot of the pages about RPs and Characters.

"Hey, those things look cool..."

As you can imagine, the write-ups for the many pieces of equipment produced by the different Companies in this Wikia, like Gabha Blacksmiths Limited or Silverport Dockyards Limited, take a lot of time. If you want to use some of them, there are options for you, namely, in case of SDY, to order from the storefront or, in case of the other companies, to throw me a message, either here or on NS. I am sure, that we can work things out.


All pictures on this Wikia are under the ownership of their respective authors, sometimes with only details being shown. Should I remember it, an artist and franchise will be stated on the image's file page. These pictures are used for illustrative purposes only and no money is made with them. Should one of the original authors have something against me using their works in that manner, I ask for a notification and the picture will be removed without any issue.

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