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OOC: Aside from being the brainchild of the author Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent for her Gwarcheidwad Series of Novels, the Trossach-Confederation also serves as the Future Tech Canon for the Free Lands.

The Trossach-Confederation is a an interstellar confederation of eight stellar systems with a total population of 29.3 billion people.


Time Reckoning: EC and CC

EC and CC are the

CC, standing for cyn cyradd, stands for before the arrival. EC, standing for ers cyradd, stands for since the arrival.

The Year Zero is the arrival of the first colonists on Tlysglass.

Stellar Cartography

The Trossach-Confederation is composed of eight stellar systems with a total of 46 worlds, all of which are inhabited to various degrees,

List of Worlds and Systems belonging to the Trossach-Confederation

Haulmelyn-System (7 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Haulmelyn Star, G2V Yellow Main Sequence Star 6.7 billion total system population Star, 814,000 km in radius
Haulmelyn I Rock Planet None Heavy volcanism, trace atmosphere
Haulmelyn II/Tlysglass Terrestial Planet
Haulmelyn III Rock Planet Heavy Radiation
Haulmelyn IV Rock Planet
Haulmelyn V Rock Planet
Haulmelyn VI Ice Planet
Haulmelyn VII Ice Planet

Curcalon-System (9 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Curcalon 4.2 billion total system population
Curcalon IV/Gweithynchu

-System (5 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Star-Name 2.8 billion total system population

Gollachar-System (6 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Gollachar 5.2 billion total system population
Gollachar-I Rock Planet
Gollachar-II Rock Planet
Gollachar-III / Syryffio Terrestial World 2, Cerrigmau and Cacemor 3.6 billion people Quite tropical
Gollachar-IV Rock Planet
Gollachar-V / Isoste Gas Giant 83 moons of varying sizes 0.6 billion people on the moons Gas Giants
Gollachar-VI Rock Planet

-System (4 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Star-Name 1.8 billion total system population

Cwachgwenyn-System (3 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Cwachgwenyn 1.9 billion total system population
Cwachgwenyn Asteroid Belt Asteroid Belt Home of the Cwachgweni

-System (5 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Star-Name 3.8 billion total system population
Basedara "Breadbasket of the Confederation"
Blawchriel Desert Planet
  • Basedara, the Breadbasket of the Confederation

-System (7 worlds)

Name Type Moons Population Notes
Star-Name 2.9 billion total system population

Fynedfa Station

Fynedfa Station is a nomad planet at the edge of the Confederation, as well as one of the endpoints of the Hyperspace Jump Gate Network. Often used as an assembly area for the SFC and trade convoys, Fynedfa Station is an important place within the Confederation.


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Generally speaking, the Trossach-Confederation is a union of sovereign groups or states united for purposes of common action. As such, the individual planetary and system governments are usually quite independent in their action, but united in a similar purpose.

The General Government, with its seat in Pendawr, Sboncelon on Tlysglass, takes care of foreign relations, defense, internal trade and economics, as well as several smaller issues of coordination, which require a general, over-arching government for coordination.

The specific Offices and Ministries are:

  • President of the Trossach-Confederation: Iolyn Chwydeggi.
  • Chancellor of the Trossach-Confederation:
  • Head of Parliament of the Trossach-Confederation:
  • Minister of Trade:
  • Minister of Finances:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Janto Mumiriri.
  • Minister of Defense:
  • Coordinating Minister of Education:
  • Coordinating Minister of Agriculture, Mining and the Environment:
  • Coordinating Minister of Transport:
  • Coordinating Minister of Tourism, Culture, Sports and Media:

Law and Law Enforcement

The Confederation has one 'federal' law enforcement agency, the Confederated Police, mostly tasked with investigating Confederation-spanning crimes and crimes from the outside, but also with escorting trade vessels and taking on small time pirates (larger pirate organizations are left to the military).

Aside from that, the systems have their own police forces, both on planetary, regional and local levels.

Backbone of the spacefaring capabilities of the Confederated Police are the Gawylwir-class Police Cruisers.

One of the most serious problems of the Confederation are the activities of the Gwyrydlas-Syndicate under Aderyn Trossydola.

Foreign Relations

Ghraig-System Authority


The Confederated Defense Forces

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The Confederated Defense Forces, CDF for short, are the armed forces of the Confederation. In general, they can be divided into three main branches:

  • The Starfleet of the Confederation, SFC for short, is the space arm of the CDF. Owning the majority of the star ships and all of the spacestations of the CDF, the SFC's main mission is the protection of the territorial integrity, the planets and the citizens of the Confederation.
  • The Ground Forces of the Confederation, GFC for short, are the planetary forces of the Confederation, tasked with the defense of planets on the surface.
  • The System Forces of the Confederation are the armed forces organized and commanded by the individual systems of the Confederation. The System Forces are dedicated to defending their homes and mostly consist of Reservists around a standing core army.

Pride and joy of the CDF are its fifteen Dewireder-class Supercarriers as well as the Yimyrid VI Command Carriers.

Droid and Android Rights



  • Hyperspace Jump Gate Network
    • One of the endpoints: Fynedfa Station
  • while the Confederation does have lightspeed engines, even interstellar lightspeed engines, these engines are as costly as they are powerful, and are usually reserved for military applications

First Sector

Agriculture is practiced on a lot of worlds within the Confederation, to varying conditions. The majority of the agricultural production in the Confederation stems from hydroponic cultures, especially on moons and planets too close or too far away from the local star to allow for any other form of farming then indoor farming.

Basedara is known as the Breadbasket of the Confederation, its agricultural produce having made the planet rich and famous within the Confederation.

Second Sector

The largest space shipbuilder of the Confederation is Iaradangau Shipbuilding Company, which builds spaceships. The headquarters of the company is in Cayfalf on Tlysglass and the main facilities in orbit of the planet as well as of Haulmelyn IV. One of their most revered product is the Type 119 Ambarpas-class Freighter, like the Chapus Siwper is one.

Space stations within the Confederation are usually built by the Illoreren Space Construction Company, which also sets up the orbital stations and space elevators connecting surface and space.

Many planets, where there is liquid water, also have shipbuilding companies for the oceans there. Standing out among them is the Craganna Surface Ship Building Company from Syryffio, which is known for their Hybrid Yachts.

One of the largest manucaturers for ground vehicles is Cawar Ground Vehicles.

There are several clothes manufacturers within the Confederation, which compete in many different fashion shows. There are many different trends, from biots, essentially making the wearer clothe him- or herself in living organisms specifically designed, shaped bred for this purpose, to industrial fibers.

In general, the development of biots, biological organisms meant for specific tasks, is promoted and encouraged by the Rhiannon-Society, a sect on Curcalon-V. According to rumours, the Rhiannon-Society is working on the first biot space vessel.

Third Sector

One of the most important tourist destinations in the Confederation, both for internal and external tourism, is Syryffio.

Fourth Sector


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  • 29.3 billion inhabitants altogether

Races within the Trossach-Confederation

While the majority of people in the Trossach-Confederation are humans, more then a third of the Confederation's Citizens are non-humans.

One of the most prominent races in the Confederation are the Bwytanach, who rarely leave their home planet Syryffio. The ones, who they share their homeworld with, the Dynnacath, are more adventurous, however.

The Cwachgweni are another race represented in the Confederation, known as some of the finest droid and starship engineers in the known galaxy.

There is a small community of Spiorad Ainmhithe within the Confederation as well.


The majority of the citizens of the Trossach-Confederation are Crefayd-Paganists, with 43 percent of the people following the various mystery cults. Another 21 percent follow the tenets of the Creydemahan Paganism. The Hunygolian Monotheism is another major religion, with around 10 percent of the population following that faith.

19 percent of the population follow the Trayethian Monotheism, especially on Syryffio.

7 percent of the population are either atheists or follow other religions.



Culturally, the Trossach-Confederation is very diverse.


Two of the currently most popular bands are Yinol and Cryffa. Rhodri Mewcariad is mostly known for his love songs and ballads.

Visual Art



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Fashion and Design