OOC: Aside from being the brainchild of the author Branwen Blaidd, of Tralee Descent for her Gwarcheidwad Series of Novels, the Trossach-Confederation also serves as the FT-Canon for the Free Lands.

The Trossach-Confederation is a an interstellar confederation of eight stellar systems,


Stellar Cartography

The Trossach-Confederation is composed of eight stellar systems with a total of 46 worlds, all of which are inhabited to various degrees,

List of Worlds and Systems belonging to the Trossach-Confederation

Name Type Orbital Radius Period Radius Gravity Moons Population Notes
Haulmelyn Star, G2V Yellow Main Sequence Star 814,000 km Star
Haulmelyn I Rock Planet 0.63 AU 160.1 days 3206 km 5.03 m/s² None Heavy volcanism, trace atmosphere
Haulmelyn II/Tlysglass Terrestial Planet 1.09 AU 361.6 days 7232.16 km 12.73 m/s²
Haulmelyn III Rock Planet 1.57 AU 620.925 days 6221.41 km 9.4 m/s² Heavy Radiation
Haulmelyn IV Rock Planet 2.44 AU 1,205.325 days 6886.23 km 11.21 m/s²
Haulmelyn V Rock Planet 4.13 AU 2,662.67 days 4751.1 km 6.54 m/s²
Haulmelyn VI Ice Planet 8.27 AU 7,549.72 days 11689.43 km 6.67 m/s²
Haulmelyn VII Ice Planet 15.49 AU 19,347.29 days 3614.62 km 1.96 m/s²


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Races within the Trossach-Confederation

While the majority of people in the Trossach-Confederation are humans, more then two thirds of the Confederation's Citizens are non humans.

Aside from all of these races, there is a small community of Spiorad Ainmhithe within the Confederation.






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