The Toirneach Motor Gun Carriage was a self-propelled artillery piece of the SDF-Army, equipping the regimental artillery units from 1953 to 1985.


The Toirneach was built anew from the ground up, no previous tank hulls being used. However, the chassis was later repurposed for a number of armoured engineer vehicles and a cablelayer.

Mostly unarmoured, the only protection is a bit of hull plating for the driver, while most of the rest of the crew rode outside. For stability, the Toirneach was equipped with a rear spade, which fixed the gun to the ground and made it easier to fire.

Due to the fixed nature of the 155mm gun, the entire vehicle had to be turned for every instance of laying of the gun, even for miniscule corrections, which led to some problems with the precision in case of rapid fire support missions. However, this also allowed for rapid redeployment of the gun after a fire mission, allowing for 'shoot and scoot'.


There was only one other major version of the Toirneach, namely the Ammunition carrier, which, as the name suggests, carried additional ammunition to supplement the five rounds on the vehicle by an additional forty rounds.

Service History

The heavy vehicles were not used during the Second Vellenge War, but were ready to be deployed. The Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team has a small battery of Toirneachs.

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