This article talks about the Town-class Destroyers in service from 1932 to 1969. For the modern, nuclear powered destroyers of the RKN, see Meninx-class Destroyer.

The Town-class Destroyers were a class of modern destroyers operated by the Sultan's Navy from 1932 to 1969, a class of 48 vessels, employed in the Destroyer Squadron 6 through 13 with six vessels per squadron.


Based on the preceeding Pattern 15 Destroyers, and disregarding the previous Najima-class Destroyers (who would eventually develop into Frigate and Corvette classes), these were the first destroyers of the Sultan's Navy to be assigned a name and not just a number (for example M-115, the destroyer she replaced). They inherited their split bridge, with the wheelhouse and the chartroom separated from compass platform and fire directors, but they also learned the lesson of an enhanced AA-suite, namely with the new quad-20mm AA-gun placed behind her aft funnel, as well as with her four Rusadir Steelworks RS-16 Mark II 135mm DP Guns and their mounts, which were based on the SDF's Gabha G-91 135mm Guns, which in turn were based on the single-purpose Rusadir Steelworks RS-10 Mark III 135mm Guns.


The Town-class in general were built in unsteady times for the Sultanate: Ever since the independence of Va'a Mamao in 1929, several more colonies tried to get independent, with several of the uprisings resorting to piracy and terrorism. The Pattern 15 Destroyers, workhorses of the RKN for a few years by then, were unsuited for policing, built for the Grand Battle, so the Sultan's Navy decided to adapt their newest class of destroyers for that new purpose, policing its waters and keeping pirates at bay.

The Vessels

RKN Kadesh

Kadesh, commissioned in 1932, had an eventful career: With the 2nd Battlecruiser Squadron and their large vessels, she operated during the Sawmiea-Uprising in 1933, intercepting and controlling vessels to and from the island group, participated in the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian in 1939 (as part of Carrier Group 5's 15th Destroyer Division), served as Flagship of Force D during the Uaina-Crisis, escorting vessels of the Kyrenaian Navy.

In 1935, she got a time of rest until her first refit in 1941, making a few spins around the block during the time. In 1943, the refit was complete and left her with a new AA-suite, radar, sonar, new boilers and a few other little upgrades.

In 1944, she was involved in the escort operations of convoys against a submarine-threat of the Va'a Mamao Socialist Republic, even dropping a few depth charges onto some of them, with moderate success - the submarine V-2 was destroyed and submarine V-16 forced to surface, which caused a diplomatic incident of unknown proportions, which did not escalate to war.

She was decommissioned with the rise of anti-ship missiles and missiles in general in the 1950s, being considered for the corresponding upgrades for a while, bt ultimately mothballed and 1969 sold to a private interest group in Kadesh, preserving her as a museum vessel, where she lies today.

She had major restoration works done on her in 1999 and in 2017.

Of Ships and Kanmusu

RKN Kadesh

RKN Kadesh, in her typical outfit - not exactly suited for the Icy North.

RKN Kadesh makes an appearance in Of Ships and Kanmusu,


  • The Town-class is based on the British C- and D-class Destroyers, 14 vessels, which were planned and built in the early 30s and fought in WW2.
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