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The Town of Redruth is a large town in the Free Lands at the Eastern Edge of the Silver Bay, where the Tarrangt-River leads into the Great Sea. Redruth itself has 4,745 inhabitants, with a total of 11,974 living in the outlying communities according to the 2018 census.

Redruth is famous for being the site of the Mercenary-Guild of Redruth and, more importantly, Crúb House, the headquarters of the Marcach-Guild of Redruth.


In 1652, Liam the Red used that year's Spring Festival to muster the troops for the MGoL's Lagrachán-War.



The Climate of Redruth is heavily influenced by the the Great Sea, 

Around the time of the Spring Festival, around the end of March, the temperature turns above 0°C even by night, so the winter is finally over.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals / Averages
Daily Mean Temperature (°C) -5 -5.5 -2 4 9.7 14 16.5 15.5 10 5.3 0.5 -3 5
Average Percipitation (mm) 45 28 29 30 35 54 67 71 56 66 55 50 48.8
Average Snowfall (cm) 15 14 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 8 41
Average Rainy Days 20 10 15 8 9 11 12 14 13 15 16 17 160


  • Redruth itself has 4,745 inhabitants, with a total of 11,974 living in the outlying communities according to the 2018 census



The SDF-Army has a small garrison in Redruth, in the form of the III./23rd Maor, the III. Squadron of the 23rd Maor-Regiment. While the Harbour of Wembury is suited to take in warships, there does not exist a naval station.


The economy of Redruth is dominated by fisheries and agriculture, especially in the outlying communities. Barley is grown in huge amounts and consumed in the area as well. The Eascann Brewery Limited has its main seat in Redruth, the brewery producing a Barley Ale renowned in the entire Free Lands. On the side, the company also produced a variety known as Roasted Barley Tea.


The Harbour

Roads and Traveling Roads




Redruth's oldest school is the School of the Rhiannon-Temple of Redruth, which offers school services from Elementary School to High School Graduation. The school dates back to 1237. While it offers dorms for students from far away, it is not a dedicated boarding school.

Redruth and the general area also have three elementary schools, three Middle Schools and a High School, the Bruabann High School of Redruth.


Spring Festival

Before the Spring Festival, the students of the School of the Rhiannon-Temple of Redruth select the five prettiest girls of their school and five best looking young men of their school. Those ten youngsters then don white dresses,

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