The Town of Seabhcóir is a town in the Free Lands of the Selkie

Seabhcóir is also known as 'the Town of Falconers'.


- 338: Seabhcóir's falconers are listed in the lineup for the Battle of Maide, in which High King Áed the Hunter died (also first mention of the Town).

- 1094: Seabhcóir is connected to the network of the Old Traveling Roads.

Unrest of 1975 in Seabhcóir

- 1975: Battle of the Buabhall Inn, made into a movie in 2019.


Seabhcóir is at the Northern Edge of the Great Woods, at the western edges of the Silver Mountains and roundabout three hundred kilometres East-North-East of Forfar, as well as roundabout three hundred kilometres West-North-West of Ironcastle.

Outlying Communities

Counted under Seabhcóir's Administration are fourteen villages and thirty-one farmsteads, as well as three Mining Communities. In total, the entire area is populated by 35,631 inhabitants (which is far larger then for example the area administrated by a city like Cuan).



Fiona Ríulabhán of the Tribe of Monaghan, a Master-Falconer, with her bird Grinn, a few of Gnáthóg's houses in the background.

Gnáthóg is a small village of two dozen houses and 69 inhabitants, famous for its apple orchards and their way of pest control via falcon. The local Master-Falconer, Fiona Ríulabhán of the Tribe of Monaghan, is also quite well known in the Free Lands.


Seabhcóir is dominated by a subarctic continental climate, with winters being long, dark, cold and snowy. The summers are mild.

During winter, Seabhcóir experiences only around five hours of daylight, while during summer, the days are long and have Midnight Twilight.

Month Jan Feb Mar April May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Yearly Mean
Daily Mean (°C) -8.4 -8.5 -4.0 2.1 9.0 13.4 15.9 13.7 8.3 3.0 -2.5 -6.3
Average Rainfall (mm) 50 35 38 35 46 70 90 83 60 70 60 47
Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours 31 75 128 189 258 249 265 201 122 61 27 16


Of the 35,631 people living in the Seabhcóir Area, according to the 2015 census, 7,613 live in Seabhcóir itself, the remainder in the outlying communities.


Seabhcóir Younger Militia


Crossbow-Gal of Seabhcóir's Younger Militia with her Fabhcún.

The Younger Militia of Seabhcóir is known for its Crossbow-Gals, young women armed with crossbows and the archaic armours and costumes of their kind,



Seabhcóir's Kitchen is known for its abundance of beef and milk, the cattle raised here being renowned far and wide in the Free Lands.


The other major industry

Mines and Quarries

Of the three outlying mining communities, two are quarries, the last is a mine for Chalcopyrite, a copper iron sulfide mineral. This mine, the Crónbhuí Copper Mine, belongs to a local businessman and mostly delivers to the facilities of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited in Wadebridge.

Seabhcóir Aerodrome Racefield

The Seabhcóir Aerodrome Racefield is the oldest Aerodrome in the Free Lands, location for races during NASJAR 1 and NASJAR 2, as well as a number of local races in the Free Lands. The course is a 195 kilometres long course marked by pylons, which the racers have to fly through at prescribed heights, some of them a few metres off the ground, some considerably higher, taking them around the Town of Seabhcóir and a few outlying communities. The race is set for five laps. While there will be fast stretches, the most of the race will be spent in tight manoeuvres demanding for the skill of the pilot. Housing for pilots, aircraft and staff is provided by the Seabhcóir Aerodrome. Although no volcanoes are present, the cows on the fields are going to get quite a scare. The course record is 14:54 Minutes.

The Seabhcóir Aerodrome Racefield began its life as a track of flat earth used by airplanes for commercial flights and the young SDF-Army Aviation Group, which also included several fighters. These fighters were the first racers here as well, as the pilots of the SDF-Army tested their new aircraft in every way they could. It was also here, that the SDF-Army had their first loss by aircraft accident, a pilot crashing with deadly results.

In 1936, the Aerodrome was expanded with concrete runways and massive hangars, the SDF paying for half of it, private investors for the other. It soon became a hub for commercial air traffic and, in some aspects, also the pilot school for most of the Free Lands' early airlines. The Sensational Siblings Stunt Flight had its origins here in 1937, and their last performance in 1962 was here as well.

In 1944, the SDF-Army left their part of the Aerodrome and left it all in the civilian hands of the town, which had begun to appreciate the airport and the jobs it created. It was also in 1944, that the first official air race was held here, for the Fabhcún-Trophy, a race from Seabhcóir to Silverport. Since then, this trophy is flown for every three years.

But also smaller air races, air shows and stunt shows are held here, with the locals saying, that it's a good day, when a plane falls onto one of the fields and a bad day, when it falls onto a house.


Seabhcóir is a railway hub, with long-range railways heading towards Ironcastle, Forfar and Wadebridge, as well as deeper into the Silver Mountains and important mines there. This is the continuation of the role the Town has played in prior times, as a hub of the Old Traveling Roads, which were built and established in 1060.

The Seabhcóir Aerodrome Racefield is part of the Seabhcóir Regional Airport, which is a bit outside of town.


Seabhcóir has two famous inns, the Buabhall Inn and the Coinín Inn.

Gabha R-22

Actress Iouna Spól of the Tribe of Fermanagh with a Gabha R-22 for the movie Buabhall Ósta Troida (a.k.a. The Battle of the Buabhall Inn or Duty of the Chambermaids in English), in full uniform of the Buabhall Inn's Staff.

Coinín Inn-Staff

Staff Member of the Coinín Inn in Downtown Seabhcóir. The bunny-ears are part of the uniform.

  • The Coinín Inn is




Falconry is not a sport, which is often practiced by the Selkie and even rarer as a hunting method. Yet,

Air Racing

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