Traveling People are a phenomenon of nomadic or semi-nomadic people in various nations represented in this Wikia. Amongst the most famous are the Badawi, the Kyrenaian Desert Dwellers.

Selkie Traveling People

Selkie Traveling People, also called Rovers,

Traveling People in Kyrenaia

The Badawi


A Badawi with his pack animal of choice.

The Badawi are a a nomadic group of people roaming the Kyrenaian countryside and herding livestock like camels and goats. While quite a few people adopted to a more sedentary lifestyle over the last two centuries, becoming Hadir, the population of the population of the Badawi is estimated to be around three million people.

The society of the Badawi is organized in clans, the Asair, which are basically large families, which stick together. In times long past, these clans warred against each other from time to time, but harsh legislation brought that to an end.

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