Width: 2,130 mm

Length: 4,900 mm

Height: 2,190 mm, cab height: 1,600 mm

Cargo bed: 3,000 by 2,000 mm

Wheelbase: 2,900 mm

Turning radius: 13 m

Empty weight: 2,900 kg

Gross weight: 4,400 kg

Cargo load: 1,500 kg

Ground clearance: 400 mm

Average fuel consumption: 16.8–23.5 L/100 km

The old M-1955 trucks, also available for the civilian market, were not much to behold, but stemmed the brunt of the logistical needs of the SDF, as well as many civilian logistic enterprises in the Free Lands with the ease and tenacity of a mule until they were retired in 2018. Replaced by the Truck, Light, Model 2010 and the Truck, Medium, Model 2015, many found their way to the civilian market.

Advantages of these trucks produced by Gabha Motorworks is, that they can handle the most times very rough and hard roads of the Free Lands with ease, an advantage over many other trucks from here and overseas.

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