The Truck, Light, Model 2010, or TLM 2010 for short, is the effort of one of Gabha's daughters, Gabha Motorworks, to develop and introduce a suitable replacement for the ageing fleet of TLM 1955s used by both the SDF and civilians enterprises since its introduction, to provide a stable and suitable platform for operations.


The TLM 2010 is a six-wheeled 6.4 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 2.2 metres tall fully amphibious truck for the military and civilian markets, powered by a V8 Turbodiesel Generator providing a maximum of 253.5 kW of electrical power, which powers the electrical engines. When on dry land, this engine drive all six wheels at a maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour over a range of 600 kilometres, when in water the driver has to switch on the two small azimuth ducted waterjets mounted underneath the bed behind the last pair of wheels. As these are trainable, they also provide steering.

These two small electrically powered waterjet pods are easily replaced by even untrained mechanics, although the maintenance of these little devices is better left to professionals, and can speed the TLM 2010 up to 9 knots.

The hull of the 'vessel' is its chassis, the generator being underneath the load deck in the rear, with waterproof seals ensuring no water leaking into the load deck or the cab.

The cab is suited for three men, the driver on the right, the two passengers to his left. The front windows have their lower edges angled downwards in order to improve visibility at closer ranges. The cab itself is not comfortable, but one can spend a night or two in them.

The load deck is open topped, large drop panels on either side, with hatches in the middle providing access to the generator. On the load deck, the TLM 2010 can carry up to six tons of stores or can pull twelve tons at reasonable speeds, the off-road performance of the material pulled depending on that material.

Where the TLM 2010 exceeds especially is off established roads, across country. Due to its portal axle arrangement, allowing for greater ground clearance, all six wheels being driven over an H-drive system with all wheels having an independent suspension, which in turn allow better traction and a more stable ride when hitting obstacles.

Primarily constructed for operations in rough terrain, the TLM 2010 can also be used by military forces in amphibious landing operations and general supply operations, but is primarily a civilian vehicle, lacking both armament and armour.

Service History

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