The Truck, Medium, Model 2015, or TMM 2015 for short, is medium 6x6 truck developed and produced by a Gabha-Daughter, Gabha Motorworks, in accordance with a request for proposals by the SDF for a medium 6x6 logistics vehicle and truck, which is later used in many other roles and configurations, including by civilians. TMM 2015 has limited fording capabilities and is fully capable off-road.


The TMM 2015 is a 9.8 metre long, 2.5 metre wide and 3.05 metre high medium-sized truck for cargo transport and other uses (see below), with a Six Wheel Drive in a backbone chassis. With one axle in the front, which also handles the steering, and two in the back, the TMM 2015 can haul up to 15 tons of cargo on the bed, although we recommend to leave it at ten tons.

The TMM 2015 has a ground clearance of 0.7 metres, coming up to a fording depth of 1.3 metres, thus being able to drive from landing craft ashore or to cross a wide range of rivers. If the cargo can get wet, the TMM 2015 can ford up to 1.5 metres.

Powered by a six-cylinder Diesel engine with 280 horsepower, TMM 2015 can attain a maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour on a long, flat road with a range of 1,200 kilometres on its own fuel at more economic speeds.

Cross-Country Mobility is achieved by a variety of methods, starting with the backbone chassis, which has been already mentioned: While it is more expensive to manufacture and a bit more complicated to maintain, the vulnerable parts of the chassis and transmission are covered in a thick tube, thus allowing more reliability off-road. In addition to that, the half-axles keep in touch with the ground better then full-length axles do, including thanks to the independent coil spring suspension, which is neither an advantage nor a problem on roads. A set of large tyres also helps cross-country. All wheels are driven, a torque converter in the transmission helps with that being little to no problem.

The engine is mounted in front of the wheelhouse, under a hood, which eases maintenance and

Most of chassis and superstructure are build of lightweight stainless steel, which is simple, reliable and cheap.

The TMM 2015 can operate at temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius, climb a 60 percent gradient, traverse side slopes of up to 40 percent and move over a step of 60 centimetres. The TMM 2015 is completely unarmoured, safe for the steelen superstructure, and unarmed. Contained in the delivery, the TMM 2015 comes equipped with a rear winch rated for 20 tons, bottom hinged tailgate and sides, optional overhead bows with canvas covers and troop seats, namely planks in the standard version.


Excluding the standard variation, which can be used in a cargo, passenger or ambulance configuration, Gabha Blacksmiths Limited has a number of variations with different uses in production and selling. Among them are:

  • Sciath Air Defence Complex: The TMM 2015 is an integral part of the Sciath Air Defence Complex, which has also been developed by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, being the basis for launchers, radars, command vehicles and logistics vehicles.
  • TMM 2015 Tank Truck: The TMM 2015 is also configurable as a Tank Truck with a capacity of 25,000 litres of liquid, be it fuel, water or any other liquid.
  • TMM 2015 Tractor: This version of the TMM 2015 is able to tow a semi-trailer of up to 17 tons easily, but can move a semi-trailer of up to 20 tons, if need should arise (we do not recommend it, though).
  • TMM 2015 Dump Truck: This variation is a dump truck, capable of transporting all sorts of bulk from Point A and to dump them at Point B.
  • TMM 2015 Tow Truck: Equipped with a small hydraulic crane rated for 9.5 tons lifting and 3.5 tons towing, outriggers, boom braces, cocks, block and tackle as well as space for a number of tools, this version is made for the recovery of vehicles and for the lifting of heavy loads.
  • Ga Air Surveillance Radar.

This is only a small number of the applications of this versatile vehicle, which will form a backbone of any logistical force or company acquiring it.

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