Weight: 1750 kg

Length: 6.5 m

Diameter: 0.55 m

Warhead options: Nuclear warhead, Conventional 500 kg HE warhead, Subammunitions dispenser

Wingspan: 2.75 m

Operational range: 2,500 km

Speed: about 900 km/h

Guidance systems: GPS, INS, TERCOM, DSMAC

Launch platform: VLS-shafts

In 2015, the SDF-Navy recognized a need for land-attack capabilities for their ships.

Plans for such a way, a cruise missile dubbed the Type 50, were made in the 90s, but the project lacked funding and initiative as the Type 40 AShM was seen as more important - the project was stopped shortly before a prototype could be tested. The missile was offered for export, but with no tests, there were no takers.

Twenty years later, the SDF-Navy revisited the old project, revived it in 2015 and completed development and prototype testing of the Mark I, although their trial by fire still remains to be seen.

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