The Type 900 Datalink is a system for Duplex Communication in both directions in real time, processing said data in real time as well. Not only sensors and weapons are connected by this system, but virtually everything onboard the ship, from consoles on the bridge to the mobile coffee maker by the helipad. Personal Computers and gaming devices of the crew use another system, utilizing a satellite uplink and being diconnected from the Datalink in every way, shape and form imagineable.

To exemplify the processing power of the Type 900 Datalink: When the first prototype of the Type 900 was supposed to be tested, the corresponding department in Laclan hosted a LAN-party with roundabout ten thousand participants (4,157 at height) playing 25 different games - with the 'Local Area Network' reaching across the entirety of the Free Lands with no lags whatsoever.

Developed by SDY for SDY-vessels in the Laclan-Facilities.

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