Crew: Three

Capacity: 93 soldiers or 70 paratroopers or 62 stretchers

Payload: 16,000 kg

Length: 32.40 m

Wingspan: 40.00 m

Height: 11.65 m

Wing area: 160.0 m²

Empty weight: 29,000 kg

Max. takeoff weight: 51,000 kg

Powerplant: 2x turboprop, 4,549 kW (6,100 ehp) each

Maximum speed: 513 km/h at 4,875 m

Range: 1,853 km with 16,000 kg payload, 30 min reserves

Service ceiling: 8,230 m

The Army is in desperate need for new transport planes, especially since the old Ulógs might still be flying, but no one really knows for how long. She is old and belongs on the scrapyard, but they still fly because of the very careful maintenance they received over the years.

Mostly phased out in 2018 in favour of the SDY-Sciathan 20 Guairdeall Multi-Purpose Amphibian Aircraft.

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