The SDF-Navy knows a variety of different uniforms,

Mess Dress Uniform

Amy, Galen and Lutetiian

Vice Admiral Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow, Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath and Captain Antonio Caccia, Confederated Coast Guard, in their respective Mess Dress Uniforms.

The most formal uniform of the SDF-Navy is the Mess Dress Uniform, usually only worn to most formal occasions, both aboard and off the vessel. Officers and men call it the Culaith, the dress.

Basis is the black, long-sleeved shirt of the Service Working Dress, above which a long-sleeved black jacket is worn, characterized by the silver highlight along the silver collar. The have epaulettes, but those are usually not used. Rank insignia, instead, are worn on the upper arm on either side, with the sleeves ending in a silver band close to the end. Officers are allowed to wear gloves along with it.

Female wearers are required to wear a skirt, male wearers pants. Both wear heavy boots along with the Mess Dress Uniform, men usually stuffing the end of their pants into the boots.

There is no headgear for the Mess Dress Uniform.

Service Dress


Captain Celina Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath, left, and Commodore Gwen Ard of the Tribe of Tipperary in Service Dress. Both wear white gloves, while Commodore Ard has the overcoat and the cap added. Reathaí wears skirt, while Ard wears pants.

The Service Dress is the intermediary between Service Working Dress and Mess Dress Uniform, used in formal and ceremonial occasions, but also in everyday service (the latter especially by officers).

It consists of the same black, long-sleeved shirt as the Service Working Dress as a basis. A black, long-sleeved jacket is worn above it, closed by a zipper in the front. The high, black collar with red lines is known as the coiléar, the collar as in a collar for animals. A red border runs along the lower seam. A thick leather belt with a silver clasp completes the body. The sleeved meet the body at a deep-red line along the seam, the sleeves extending from there. Rank insignia are worn on the upper arm, in silver, on both sides. The sleeves end in a red border. Officers are allowed to wear white gloves along with their Service Dress.

Female Officers are allowed to choose between a pencil skirt in the same colour as the jacket, without highlight, or long pants, with men only allowed to wear pants. The pants and skirts have two pockets on either side. It is not unusual for female officers to wear stockings. Black, high leather boots complete the ensemble. Usually, officers stuff the ends of their pants into the boots.

Officers are allowed to add fur-lined jackets in black or to wear them over the shoulders (Commodore Gwen Ard of the Tribe of Tipperary is especially fond of that). The headwear is known as the pota, the pot, due to its shape, usually only worn at important occasions.

Cadet Dress


Two cadets of the Naval School in Cadet Dress, the one in front without coat and headgear.

A special variation of the Blue Dress is the Cadet Dress, worn by the students of the Naval School, the Cadets and the Ensigns.

Service Working Dress

Duty Uniform

Sailors of SDFS Rhiannon in Service Working Dress.

The Service Working Dress of the SDF-Navy is worn by all personell during normal duty, combat duty and when requested.

A black, long-sleeved shirt and black cargo pants are the base of the Duty Uniform, an equally black shirt with breast pockets and zipper completing it. Rank insignia can be found sewn on the left upper arm. Basecaps, named so because they are usually only worn when on base, when the ship isn't at sea, are the standard headgear, their peak usually folded upwards. All material is flame-retardant.

Most soldiers also add an utility belt with the tools of their daily business.

Flight Suit


Brigadier Kiah Eitil of the Tribe of Wicklow, SDF-Army in Flight Suit. SDF-Army and SDF-Navy use the same Flight Suits.

Due to the massive G-Forces when operating modern combat aircraft, the SDF introduced a Flight Suit to fit all needs, present and future, for both the Army and the Navy.
- Bicíní Industries' Description of the Flight Suit.

The Flight Suit is a white, tight fitting, isolated one-piece flight suit, enabling its wearer to survive the harsh coldness of greater heights and the G-Forces presented during harsher maneuvres and higher speeds. Usually, there are no markings on the Flight Suit to identify its wearer. Women and Men wear the same suit, as do pilots of both the SDF-Army and the SDF-Navy.

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