The University of Megido is one of the most well-renown higher education institutes in Kyrenaia, looking back onto a history reaching back to the foundation of the Madrasa of al-Hakim in 863.


The University today


The UoM has eight campuses and a multitude of independent buildings all over the metropolis and outside, with the Main Campus located near the Palace of the Ruby Hall. While the UoM's Audimax is there, these facilities mostly serve administrative purposes.


The UoM offers a wide variety of subjects to study, from the Seven Classic Arts of Theology, Law, Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, Music and History, to more modern subjects like Physics, Chemistry or Agricultural Sciences. 

Famous students, teachers and alumni

University Clubs and Sports Teams

Swimmer Team

Alya Eawairae

Alya Eawairae, Lieutenant of the UoM's Swimmer Team, in the team's competition swimsuit.

The Swimmer Team is one of the points of pride of the UoM and its students, scoring very good on national events and "quite well" on international events. They have long-standing rivalries with the swimmer teams of the University of Fortham and the University of Zieselhaven, which reciprocate in kind.

The current Captain is Princess Fara bint-Dardan, Alya Eawairae being one of the Lieutenants.

Current Grid

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