Utica is the capitol of the Ilkhanate of Utica and current capitol of the Sultanate of Kyrenaia. It is a metrolopis of around fifty million people in the entire Metropolitan Area,


From Fortress Utica to City

- began as a small fortress and caravansary protecting the junction of two important trade routes, a village soon springing up

Capitol of the Khan of Khond

- declared capitol by the Khan of Khond in 1222

- 1243: HGA and TBA move to Utica

Third Civil War

- Utica and its fortress were destroyed in 1614


- Rebuilding started in 1633

An Ilkhan's Capitol again

- 1736: start of construction works on the Palace of the Azure Hall

- 1753-1755: The ceiling frescoes of the Azure Hall are made

- 1760: The Ilkhan of Utica takes up residence in the Palace of the Azure Hall again,

20th and 21st Centuries

- 1940s-1950s: Water situation becomes critical, Utica grows to thrice its size

- 1960s: Building of the Large Ocean-Aqueducts, private companies take over

- 1971: The Princes of several Ilkhanates gift the Water Supply to Kyrenaia and the Kyrenaians, making it free and clean in the process

- 1972: Coronation of Razia Sultana as Sultana of Kyrenaia.



Month Jan Feb Mar April May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Yearly Mean
Daily Mean (°C) 16.5 18.2 22 27 30.5 32 32.5 32.5 31.5 29 22.5 22.5
Average Rainfall (mm) 90 60 18 4 2 2 0 0 0 6 13 45
Mean daily Sunshine Hours 7 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 10 10 9



Palace of the Azure Hall




Utica International Airport



Haram Girls' Academy and Tabar Boys' Academy

Utica is home to the Haram Girls' Academy and the Tabar Boys' Academy, two of the Old Academies, In 1243, the Ilkhan of Utica moved the HGA and TBA to Utica, at the time already two centuries old, their small campuses soon growing. After the Old Academy burned down in 1685, they had new ones built, today's Haram Campus and Airtafae Campus. For more information about the individual campuses, see the articles of the Academies.

University of Utica


Besides the campuses of the TBA and HGA, as well as the Palace of the Azure Hall and a number of other locations, Utica has a lot of tourist hotspots, some of which are secret tips, other of which are known to many.

The Old Caravanserai

The Old Caravanserai is one of the most important tourist hotspots in all of Utica

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