Engine: Diesel, 1,6 l (52 kW)

Length: 3.972 m

Width: 1.520 m

Height: 1.837 m

Wheelbase: 2.017 m

Weight: 1,340 kg (empty)

The M-1979 is an open utility car, not only available for military use, but also for civilian use. It is an all-wheel car, not powerful, slow, with a maximum speed of 130 km/h, not very comfortable on bumpy roads without modifications, but all in all a solid, persistend and good utility car.

It is domestically produced and developed. Many of them are modified to be more comfortable rides and many received a body as well, while others were adapted for a multitude of other functions, from field ambulances to light towing vehicles.

Also known as the Easóg.

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