Crew: two

Length: 12.67 m

Wingspan: 12.19 m

Height: 4.62 m

Wing area: 27.03 m²

Empty weight: 3,127 kg

Max. takeoff weight: 6,552 kg

Powerplant: 2x turboprop, 715 hp (533 kW) each

Maximum speed: 452 km/h

Range: 927 km (without external droptanks)

Service ceiling: 7,315 m

Armament: 2x 20mm autocannons, 5 fuselage and 2 underwing hardpoints

The Veilbhit Light Attack Aircraft was the main-CAS-provider of the Army, easy to maintain and repair, hard-hitting and more then just capable of competing against most other aircraft of comparable role, despite their age and relative outdatedness. The Veilbhit-I was slowly phased out and relegated to training duty in favour of the Veilbhit-II from 2016 onwards, the replacement being completed by June 2018, with only a few Veilbhit-I remaining in service as training aircraft. Quite a few were demiliterized and sold to private persons.

A.k.a. Veilbhit-I.

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