Verena Scambio is a student and political activist, being part of the PBR Youth Wing. In 2021, she went abroad from her native Lutetii to participate in the 2021 LSAF Student Exchange of the Lycée Saint André pour Filles in Nouvelle-Dunkerque.


Verena is the daughter of a fisherman and his wife from La Azura in Lutetii, born in 2003. Her parents joined the PBR in 2012, when Verena was too young to do so as well, but she accompanied them to many of the rallies they went to. However, while she at first echoed her parents' sentiments, she soon began to develop her own standpoints, sometimes contradicting with those of her parents.

In 2017, she joined the PBR Youth Wing, despite her parents' wishes to the contrary. She quickly found her place in the PBR's Youth Organization, as the designated photographer for all of their events, a job, which she reveled in, her work being appreciated.


She has a high drinking tolerance and is not afraid of proving that claim. In her free time, Verena likes to photograph, even thinking about making it a career.

Political Standpoints

Verena is a member of the PBR, her most important concern the youth and education,

Personal Relations

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