Veriye is the pagan faith of high renown and far spread in the Aurora-Union. The highest authority of the faith is the High Priest of Veriye, currently a man by the name Patriarch Yari Praotets, who resides in the Verikiy Monatyr, the Grand Monastery.


Veriye Today

Veriye's priests has a certain political and economic sway. The Patriarch

98 percent of the population of the Union follow Veriye, with little communities of followers all over the world, which mostly are outside of the authority of the Verikiy Monatyr, the Grand Monastery.

Core Tenets

Main Deities

Veriya knows two main deities, Zima, the God of Winter, and Dlyzara, the Goddess of Summer. Both of them are usually described as mighty warriors and guardians, who guard mankind in a semi-yearly rhythm, winter being Zima's shift and summer being Dlyzara's shift.

Minor Deities

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