The Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard has a number of vessels in service, which serve as ships of the Seaborne Police Service of The Sultanate of Kyrenaia.

This list serves both as a catalogue of ships in commission, as well as an Order of Battle of the RKCG.

Many of the ship names are from the Song of the Swords.

Coastal Area Commands and subordinate sections

Fenchu Coastal Area Command

Section Pitane

Section Cossyra

Section Meninx

Megido Coastal Area Command

Section Sinope

Section Gytta

Kyrene Coastal Area Command

Section Acra

Section Kyrene

Sarepta Coastal Area Command

Section Sidon

Section Alalakh

Section Rusadir

Utica Coastal Area Command

Section Malaca

Section Olbia

Jalid Coastal Area Command

Salalkubz Coastal Area Command

Special Reaction Force RKCG

Mobile Unit 1

Mobile Unit 2

Aerial Forces RKCG

  • No. 1 Group RKCG, Sabrata.
  • No. 2 Group RKCG, Carmona.
  • No. 3 Group RKCG, Meninx.
  • No. 4 Group RKCG, Calpe.
  • No. 5 Group RKCG, Onoba.
  • No. 6 Group RKCG, Kyrene.
  • No. 7 Group RKCG, Sabratha.
  • No. 8 Group RKCG, Arwad.
  • No. 9 Group RKCG, Abdera.
  • No. 10 Group RKCG, Malaca.
  • No. 11 Group RKCG, Motya.
  • No. 12 Group RKCG, Jalid.
  • No. 13 Group RKCG, Salalkubz.
  • No. 14 Group RKCG, Salalkubz.
  • No. 15 Group RKCG, Mtarfa (training group).

Shipclasses and Equipment in use

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