A couple of Viepois in an aquarium.

The Viepois is a fish species endemic to Nouvelle-Dunkerque and a member of the order of the Coelacanth. They are part of lineage, that was thought to have been extinct 60 million years, but which were rediscovered almost by accident.

They also look the part of fish more related to lungfish and tetrapods then ray-finned fish.


Viepois can grow to a length of over two metres and a weight of around a hundred kilograms.



The Viepois is not a part of the Cuisine of Nouvelle-Dunkerque, as their flesh contains high amounts of fats and oils, which make it difficult to digest, even cause diarrhea. The scales are known to emit a mucus, which would make a usual Viepois-Meal a rather slimy affair. Fishermen usually avoid the fish, when they fish for food consumption.

The Viepois is considered a vulnerable species, unlike their cousins, which are firmly endangered.

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