Vin, Prinz von Dorch is the current heir to the throne of the Duke of Dorch, a student of Movie-Directing at the University of Zieselhaven and an aspiring movie-critic.


Vin was born as the older of two children in 1995 in Dorch, as child of Malte von Dorch and Isa von Dorch, the Herzog and the Herzogin of Dorch.

In 2000, his little sister Heda was born.

Vin got his first computer, an old machine barely capable of running its operating system, in 2003. He still writes small programs for it from time to time, but mostly, he got himself a new computer every three years since 2008. For him, computers are mostly work tools, including as a cutting room.

His interest for movies began in 2011, when he was allowed to watch the shooting of scenes for the movie Lichtfest, which were shot in Kafhaff near Dorch. Not only did he meet Aaltje Schreyg there (and learned, what crushing on someone means), he also began his first dabblings into moviemaking, certain, that this was something, which he wanted to pursue.

He graduated in 2014 and applied for studies in Movie-Directing at the University of Zieselhaven, which took him. He made his Bachelor's degree in 2018, following it up by Master Studies, in particular under Professor Gerulf Bukker. His mentor and him plan to have him graduate in 2021.


Vin is, as his sister described him, adorkable. He can not talk to women, who he finds pretty or stunning. While he likes playing video games, especially with his sister, he is bad at it - although he does have a lot of expertise with computers in and of themselves, being one of the go-to guys for computer problems at his university.

Vin is a fan of cars, made his license in 2016. True to form, he owns a small HMW-city car, nothing too fancy, but prefers public transport or even walking for his commute to university and back (it depends on the weather). While he had traces of a speed demon as a young man, he mellowed out considerably (especially after two speeding tickets and a good scolding by his father.

While Vin can dance, he has little talent for it - and less interested in developing that skill past what is necessary for his duties as a Prince.

Personal Relations

Heda, Prinzessin von Dorch

Vin loves his "Little Sis" dearly and is fiercely protective of her, even if she drives him nuts at times.

Professor Gerulf Bukker

Bukker is a sort-of mentor for the young Prince, especially in the art of movie-making,

Aaltje Schreyg

Vin, as a lad of 16, crushed on Aaltje after he saw her in the shooting for Lichtfest in 2011. She, in part (at the time 14) returned his feelings and for a short time in 2012, the two were a couple, but they quickly came to the realization, that they liked each other, but that they didn't like each other.

They remained friends ever since and when Aaltje began charity work after she shot Bahnhofsmädchen, Vin was onboard almost immediately.

Lien, Prinzessin von Byrkland

Vin and Lien are friends, little more. They share a bit of a passion for movies, although Lien's is a lot less developed.

Bodo, Prinz von Bucktend

There are not many men, who can say, that Vin hates them with a burning passion - one of them is Bodo, Prinz von Bucktend. The reason is rather simple: He broke his little sister's heart.

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