Viola Macnasach of the Tribe of Sligo is a Selkie-Musician, usually associated with Selkie Soft-Rock, Selkie-Jazz and Selkie-Swing, but she has been known for straying into harder elements of Rock as well.


- attended the Iris Boarding School Complex, from 2000 to 2013

- breakthrough during school time, in 2008 (aged 14), small scale at first, but enough to estrange her from her home in Rua - she was put on a pedestal at the Iris, but no one gave a damn back home and when the difference became too much, she joined the students staying at school over winter. There, she found friends again, Amy and Finnya, about which she wrote An Corn.




Personal Relations

Dísréad and Leannáin

There are not many people, with whom she feels close enough to consider them competitors, but the four girls of the two bands certainly qualify.

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