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Walaea Motorworks is a company from the Sultanate of Kyrenaia with main seat in Gadir, Khanate of Gadir, Ilkhanate of Sarepta. Further factories are strewn all over the Sultanate.

Walaea Motorworks has four main branches, one being the manufacture of motorcycles and cars, the other of aircraft engines and ship engines. Important shareholders include, but are not limited to, the Ilkhan and the Ilkhana of Sarepta, the Khan of Gadir and Mistress Samina Sahib, who owns the majority of shares.


Four Branches (1949-today)

1949 also saw a massive reorganization of the catalogue, with all previous products being discontinued (with a few smaller exceptions in the aircraft and ship engine departments). From then on, the designations of DN for motorcycles and J for cars was dropped, replaced by W for all products of Walaea Motorworks.

In 1969, Gabha Motorworks Limited acquired the license to build the W-11 as the Mionsamhail, which they did until 1976.

Important Persons

  • Mistress Samina Sahib, CEO and owner of the majority of shares.
    • Aadhi Sahib, Heir and Chief Marketing Officer.



In aircraft manufacturing, Walaea Motorworks is especially known to work together with Sinaljanah Aircraft Industries for non-jet aircraft from nearby Mtarfa. The massive turboprop engines of the Sinaljanah S-900 Eimlaq Turboprop Airliner are from Walaea Motorworks.

Walaea Motorworks also developed and build a number of engines for military vehicles, the turbocharged diesel engine of the Alsuyuf IV Main Battle Tank is a product of Walaea, for example. Other vehicles from Walaea were adopted by the Armed Forces of the Sultanate, for example the W-52, while other vehicles, like the W-55 or the W-115 are used by the Order of the Tabardariyya and other bodyguard details.


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