The Water Polices are the ones in the Free Lands of the Selkie, who enforce the laws of the sea, are responsible for search and rescue, fisheries protection, maritime patrol, surveillance and smuggling prevention amongst other things. Also known as the Selkie Coast Guard, the Water Polices are rarely deployed abroad, especially after their failure to provide vessels for Operation Glantachán, but were for the Anti-Piracy Operations off Frozopia. The Water Polices have a strong sense of cooperation and cameraderie with the SDF-Navy, which lends them administrative assistance. Head authority of the Water Polices is the Water Police Coordination Office in Wembury, with every larger coastal town and city maintaining their own small Water Police as a point of pride (even if it is only one boat).




Amongst the diverse range of vessels deployed by the Water Polices are Corrán-class Offshore Patrol Vessels, Waari-class Minesweepers and other vessels, most of them built locally.

The Water Polices also own three Geabhróg-class Seaplane Tenders.

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