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The White Cliffs are a cultural landscape in the Free Lands, in the Western Part of the Mainland. Traditionally, the White Cliffs are seen as the Ancestral Lands of the Tribe of Fingal.

Centers of the White Cliffs Area are Lodge and Curcardach, as well as the industrial towns of Cararéal and Sunimint.


The White Cliffs Area is limited to the south east by the Mór-Land and the northern edges of the Trossach, while to the North-East, the Cloch Mountains and Forfar are the boundaries.

The White Cliffs themselves are a system of gorges and canyons, which form the White Cliffs River System. Some of these gorges and cliffs are up to fifty meters deep and expose sides made of limestone, but also cave systems going deep into the earth. Along with these caves, several cenotes, called slogadaidi (singular slogadaide) in Selkie, have formed as well.

  • Village of Cúlrádach



Limestone Mining is an important industrial branch, centered around the open pit mines in Cararéal, and the cement plant in Sunimint.

Agriculture always played an important role




  • Oats, pork, rarely beef cattle

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