Wilrun IV. is the currently reigning Baronin of Port Monee, as well as a well-known holder of soirees. She is also known as an entrepreneur, being the head of the Port Monee Merchant Navy Company.


Wilrun Naya Alvina von Port Monee was born in 1990 in Port Monee's Schloss Kap Leuenkönig, as daughter of Baron Firmin VI. (1940-1992) and his second wife Aleydis. Wilrun was the name of Firmin's first wife. Shortly after her birth, her father died of a stroke, leaving Wilrun to 'rule'. As she was two years old at the time, a regnal council was appointed by Fürst Raik VI., which ruled the country in her stead.

Wilrun was kept away from rulership until age 16, beginning her 'training' as Baroness in 2006 after school. She showed much promise, especially in regards to economy and quickly formed opinions on ecological protection and other important issues.

In 2008, she gave her first soiree, soon coining the term of Soiree-Diplomatie (soiree-diplomacy).

In 2009, the day after her graduation, she was crowned as Baronin von Port Monee and took over all the responsibilities of rulership.

After the collapse of the Reederei Lerna in 2011, Wilrun took over all of the debts in exchange of the entire fleet of the company and everything belonging to it, forming the Port Monee Merchant Navy Company, a.k.a. the Handelsflotte von Port Monee. Wilrun secured the few remaining deals they had and expanding the business under capable and efficient men slowly, but safely, bringing the HFPM upwards. By 2016, Wilrun could safely expand the fleet.

Wilrun became known as the host of a wide variety of soirees between 2011 and 2018, her guests varying from time to time, receiving an invitation being seen as an honour within Teressien. Intrnational guests often frequent the salon of Schloss Kap Leuenkönig, one of the most notable being Prince Damir ibn-Razia with his daughter Princess Aurelia.


Personal Relations

Gerulf and Rena von Sykane

Vin Erenback

Rumours of the two of them having had an affair are denied.

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