Wilrun Maach was a Teressian Maid, a.k.a. a Hausmädchen, under the employment of Alexander von Sykane, whom she accompanied on a few trips.

Allegations of a romantic relationship between them or even children are not unfounded, but overdone.


Wilrun was born in 1865 into a family of household servants, which pre-destined her way. Although she learned to read and to write, she never really mastered both skills (although Alexander tried to get her there).

With 10, she began her apprenticeship as a maid, finishing by 15, at which point she netted her job for a lifetime: She was employed by the Sykane-Household to the second son, Alexander von Sykane. She accompanied him, a few short months later, on his trip to the Lands of the Selkie, where she quickly proved herself.

Upon their return in 1883, she was surprised to learn, that she even had a few spots in the travelogue, The Wonders of the Lands of the Selkie and the People, who inhabit them. One of them was her short-lived relationship with a Marcach.

Wilrun died in 1945, aged eighty, in Sykane, sleeping off one night and not rising again. Her own traveling diaries were published by the Household in 1950.


Personal Relationships

Utz Hemmeldingen

She found Utz quite cold and calculating, but also quite handsome.

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