Women in the Imperial Armed Forces

The Imperial Armed Forces of Auwalt have a mixed relationship to women in the Armed Forces.

Auwalt has a total of 400,000 men and women as a standing army, plus 200,000 civilian employees, plus around 800,000 men army reserves, neither number counting in the Territorialheer (200,000 strong). Women can only be employed as professional soldiers and not conscripted.


Current Situation

Imperial Army

However, in 1922, a group of women within the Army successfully lobbied for the establishment of a regiment of women, instead receiving three units: The Garde-Schildjungfernregiment and the Motorisiertes Schildjungfernregiment 1. Both units declared operational readiness in 1926.

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy allows no women on their front line vessels unless these women are transported. Women are, however, employed on shore stations and support vessels. There, they are mostly employed as nurses, mechanics, office ladies and in staffs and command centers.


The Territorialheer employs both male and female soldiers in all roles, owed to its status as a militia. However, the majority of the women in the Territorialheer work as nurses, office ladies, in staffs and command centers, repair workshops as well as snipers and markswomen.

Civilian Employees

Of the roundabout 200,000 civilian employees of the Imperial Armed Forces, around 20 percent are women. There, they mostly work in offices or as nurses,

Famous Examples

For a complete lists of all 'famous' soldiers of the Imperial Armed Forces, see List of Auwälter#Imperial Armed Forces.
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